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African Child Support Foundation Office of Phlanthropy

African Child Support Foundation Limited 

301 Wilcrest Drive # 7709, Houston Texas 77042

Mr. Channeley Patrick

+1316 390 6594


The African Child Support PDO envisions a journey of people and organizations in the world who would be channels of hope, love and providence to the abandoned children and their mothers in Tanzania, Africa.


The African Child Support PDO believes that every child in the world is born with a father and a mother. 

However, in Tanzania, Africa, children are victims of irresponsible parenthood that lead them to being abandoned, neglected, abused and hopeless.

The mothers of these children are left unable to support their needs and they are victims of abuses from men deceiving them of support.

With these realities, we provide education and scholarship for women, livelihood skills program for women, child support for abandoned children, health and wellness program, Infrastructure and Community development and Values Formation of the Family.

Therefore, we commit ourselves to rebuild the lost family of these children that they may find Gods love in these Divine Provisions.


In Tanzania, every kid has a mother and a father, where are they?

“I know my mother and father, but these children don’t?”

Care to rebuild a child, be the hope and love for their Future!


  1. Education and Scholarship
  2. Livelihood Skills program for women
  3. Child Support for Abandoned Children
  4. Health and Wellness
  5. Infrastructure and Community Development
  6. Values Formation for the Family