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Claret Philippines – Philanthropic Development Office

Claretian Missionary Fathers

8 Mayumi St.
UP Village,
Quezon City

Fr. Larry V. Miranda, CMF

+63 920 950 6547


The Claret Philippines-Philanthropic Development Office (CP-PDO) envisions a faith-based, efficient and effective solidarity and cooperation with people and organizations as channels of blessings in support of the mission of the Church today.


The Claret Philippines-PDO believes that we are all called to be Missionary Servants of the Word of God to be instruments of His providence.
As missionaries going forth, we are confronted with the challenges in the world such as: problems of poverty, lack of education, conflicts, destruction of nature, degradation of human values, social injustice, corruptions, inequality, marginalization and discriminations; thus, we provide mission work and parish ministries to the peripheries, education and values formation, timely and urgent publications, formation of consecrated missionaries and lay evangelizers, community organizing and empowerment, cultural preservation and integrity of creation.
With unwavering faith, we commit our dedicated service to grow more missionaries to serve the world in making it a better place to live in only for the greater glory of God and salvation of humanity.


Share with the Mission.


  1. Quality and Wholistic Education for Mission
  2. Urban and Rural Missions for Peace and Integrity of 
  3. Mainstreaming Empowered Indigenous Peoples
  4. Innovative Publications/Communications of God’s Word
  5. Vocation Promotion and Lay Collaboration for Mission
  6. Formation of Missionaries
  7. Human Resource and Infrastructure Development
  8. Psycho-Spiritual Development