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Don Carlo Cavina PDO

Daughters of St. Francis de Sales(DSFS)

Chrysanthemum St., Hansuyin Village, Talon 4, Las Pinas City, Philippines 1747

Sr. Marlene Dimaano, DSFS (Acting PDO Director)

+63 2 8 801 3094 0915 228 6029 0908 512 6078

An international congregation of women religious with Pontifical right, originally founded at Lugo, in Italy and now extending their service in different parts of the world. The congregation is founded in 1872 by Fr. Carlo Cavina, an Italian parish priest, who ardently desired to live only for the glory of God and for the salvation of souls. They follow the Salesian Spirituality after Patron saint St. Francis de Sales “ the Doctor of Love”. As a member of this religious congregation, every sister is called to be a “woman inflamed by love”. It is expected for her to practice her twin Charism of “Apostolate of Prayer” and “Faith Education” to their core and strive only for the Glory of God and for the salvation of the souls.

The motto of the congregation is “where the cross touches, the fruit come forth”. This impels DSFS to accept the challenges of a committed life with hope and joy as well as prompts them to reflect upon the initial struggles and pains of their foundation with faith and continued onward journey with passion and audacity.

Vision / Mission

The Don Carlo Cavina Philanthropic Development Office centered in Christ inflamed by the love of God envisions the collaboration with benevolent partners to continue our mission in journeying with the youth, the poor and the marginalized towards the perfection of love for the glory of God and salvation of souls.


Live for God, Share His Love


  1. Scholarship Program
  2. Pastoral Ministry
  3. Community Empowerment and involvement
  4. Health and Environment Development
  5. Vocation and Formation
  6. Human Asset Development
  7. Center of Spirituality
  8. Infrastructure and Community Development