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Stewardship Development Office
(Diocese of Alaminos)

Diocese of Alaminos

CP Garcia St., Poblacion, Alminos, Pangasinan, Philippines

Bishop Ricardo Baccay, D.D.
+63 995 131 3847 +63 921 417 7970

The Diocese of Alaminos is situated on the western part of the province of Pangasinan. The whole diocese is a panorama of hills and valleys surrounded by bodies of water. And the famous Hundred Islands, a tourist attraction, is found in the vicinity of Alaminos town.

The diocese has about 420,000 inhabitants from about 84,000 households of which 83 percent are Catholic. There are 15 tribal groups of Igorots in the mountains of the diocese, driven south from the northern parts of the country by militarization, eviction by loggers, and by other government projects, and they have finally settled in the mountains of western Pangasinan.

Socio- Economic conditions in the diocese are extremely poor. Out of the 14 municipalities that comprise the diocese, only Alaminos is qualified as a first class municipality. The others are third, fourth and fifth class municipalities. The average income per family is way below the level of decent existence released by the National Economic Authority (NEDA) for a family of six. Majority or about 70 percent of the people are farmers, fisherman, and agricultural workers. The rest are craftsmen, sales people, technical workers and government employees.

While Catholics comprise 83 percent of the diocesan population, a majority of these are “sacramentalized but not evangelized”. Many are properly catechized because of the lack of people who can teach. Only those who are able to attend school are given the basic catechism. And for those who are not fortunate enough to go to school, the only time they are catechized is when they apply for marriage.


A community called in Christ by the Father through the power of the Holy Spirit to Eternal Salvation.


We the Bishop, Clergy, Religious and Laity of the Diocese of Alaminos as one community respond and dedicate ourselves in faith, hope and love to the proclaimation of the gospel in its totality and radicality towards the development and transformation of ourselves and the society.

Campaign Goal

Through the new evangelization our goal is to build basic ecclesial communities where we are nourished by the Word of God, strengthened by sacraments, animated by the church ministers, inspired by Mary our Mother, St. Joseph our Patron and Saint, to relieve the Paschal Mystery in our families and communities.


Satisfy the hungry… Share them your bread… Strengthen their spirits…


  1. Scholarship Program for Seminarians
  2. Health Program for the People
           -Integrated Feeding Program
  3. Iplant Community Forest Management
  4. Disaster Risk Reduction Management
  5. Protection for Women and Children
  6. Island Rehabilitation (Selaque Island)
  7. Health Fund for the Clergy