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The SPCFI Center for Philanthropy

St. Paul College Foundation Inc.

279 Bulacao Pardo, Cebu City, Philippines

Dr. Randolph Libres

+63 32 8 272-2985

The school was founded as St. Paul Academy in 1984 by Dr. Lourdes Libres – Rosaroso, a distinguished educator known for her varied intellectual prowess and very brilliant academic visions.

The school started with one-year Nursing Aid course then a year later, another service-oriented course, the two-year Paramedical Aid course was offered.

St. Paul Academy became Cebu St. Paul College in the year 1988 when the two-year Midwifery Course was offered with 87 pioneer students. Understanding the demands for good learning institution in the southern part of Cebu, the founder built bigger and higher buildings in Bulacao which accommodated the increasing number of students and officially made it the main campus.

In 1993, the school was officially recognized as foundation and the College of Nursing was opened. And in 1995, the High School Department was also opened and on the succeeding years the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education. However, after few years, the President discontinued offering the Criminology course due to her intense desire to focus on health care services since she was a medical practitioner.

True to its commitment to give an affordable yet quality education, the school was changed into a foundation and named St. Paul College Foundation, Inc. in 2000. As a visionary, the president believed that the residents of the northern part of Cebu deserve the same educational privilege given to the southern Cebu residents, especially to the intellectually equipped yet economically challenged individuals. And with her sensitivity to the needs of the common citizens in our society, and her desire to answer the need for a private high school with quality education yet with affordable tuition fee, the President offered secondary education in other parts of Cebu. At present, the school operates in four sites; main campus, Ramos Campus and the 2 Mandaue campuses.


“Empowering partnerships with the world instrumental in experiencing the joy of giving and making a difference in fulfilling the vision-mission of SPCFI”.


SPCFI is committed to journey with the marginalized sectors of the society particularly the deprived yet deserving opportunities for scholarship and values formation. We believe that each individual has the right for the quality education in the development of a holistic person, thus making them socially and globally competent members of the society.


Education makes the difference…Your Gift, Our Future….


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