Company - Spring Rain Global

Who We Are

We are a consulting firm, specializing in providing Financial and Philanthropic Planning.

We are a value-oriented team, comprised of all types of professionals with different areas of expertise, including but not limited to Registered Financial Consultants, Certified Fund-Raising Managers, and Business and Marketing Consultants.  We all work together with the common mission of creating a greater good in every community in which we serve. 

Though diverse in experiences, we are devoted to one call to break cycles of poverty. Innovative in our approach, we create financial and philanthropic road maps for individuals and organizations. We partner with our associate family members, empowering them and journeying with them to attain their goals to financial sustainability. We take one step at a time ultimately contributing to social development.

What We Believe

Our financial consultancy and philanthropic empowerment programs are information download intended for every organization. We strongly believe that if you have willingness to learn and adapt, with the proper tools and implementation of the entire development system, ultimate sustainability in all areas of one’s growth and development is attainable.




To be the leading global partner towards a sustainable ecosystem among donors and donees supporting Missions through financial planning and philanthropy.


We commit ourselves to journey with our clients and partners in creating effective financial plans and sustainable philanthropic roadmaps leading to social impact and the promotion of the common good.

Core Values

We are guided by the core value of stewardship, educating our PDOs on personal and institutional financial management and sustainability.

We are committed to making a difference- setting our mark in breaking cycles of poverty. We do this by generating roadmaps where the visions of our PDO’s come alive, walking beside them as their partner in shaping their communities and enriching their and their constituents’ lives. We believe that, “two-gether,” we can!

We will realize our Vision and Mission by actively living out the following
Core Values;

1. Professionalism

We respond maturely, respectably and ethically at all times. We value the privacy of our clients, partners and colleagues.

2. Excellence

We demonstrate competence, reliability and promptness in delivering quality services.

3. Sense of Mission

Motivated by our deep love for God and humanity, we commit to be compassionate & respectful of human dignity.

4. Integrity

We strive to be trustworthy; hence, we practice transparency, accountability & credibility.

5. Innovative

We continue to be creative and flexible in response to the needs of time.

6. Proactive

We take the initiative to anticipate challenges, seek opportunities in difficulties, & find solutions with positivity.

7. Teamwork

We seek to understand each other’s gifts as we consistently demonstrate an unselfish commitment to harmoniously work with others to reach greater heights of success.

8. Empowerment

We promote an environment that fosters personal, professional and organizational growth.

the team

Spring Rain Global

Dr. Glenda M. Antonio

Founder, President & CEO

Engr. Mark Anthony L. Antonio

Chief Finance Officer

Ms. Stephanie Lucero

Spring Rain Global – US

Mr. Norazani Shaiddin

Chief Operating Officer
Spring Rain Global – Singapore

Ms. Delphine Tan

Spring Rain Global – Singapore

Mr. Vincent Lim

Spring Rain Global – Singapore

Mr. Robin Eng Soh Chiung

Spring Rain Global – Singapore

Mr. Robert Lucero

Ambassador for Development Spring Rain Global US LLC

the team


Cheryl Tradio


Nicole Clare Justo

Executive Assistant to the CEO/HR Officer

the team

Financial Consultancy

Ann Marie Baring

Chief of Staff

Janice Diaz

SRG Consultant

Fr. Alwen Jimenez

RFC Associates

Deputy Director, SPDO


Andre Mikhail Obierez

RFC Associates

Maria Gaytha Miro

Risk Management & Investment Planning Department Staff

the team

PDO Consultancy

Marie Kiel Fernandez

Chief Executive Consultant

Maria Presa Aparis

Program Development Executive

Clint Richard Chua

Training and Development officer

Leah Lanzuela

Program Development Consultant

Corazon Cañete

Grant Proposal Writer

the team

IT / Communications & Publication

Klinyd Tribajo

Chief Database & Communications Manager

Johnnin Hanz Florentino

Creative Director

Hannah Almira Amora

Database Management Executive

Rozenia Huergas

Database Officer

Marlon Marc Miro

Database Officer

the team

Global Philanthropy Group

Roberto Tito Pacana

Business Development Consultant / Head Ambassador

Gretchen Sato

Executive Assistant, SRG Philanthropy Group

Emma Ramas

Ambassador for Environment

Mary Ann Soria

Ambassador for PWD & Health

Girlie Baltazar

Ambassador for Health

Advisory Board

United States

Fr. Richie Mercado, OSA


Fr. Gerald Borja, CM

Director, Vincentian Missionaries Social Development Foundation Inc.


Fr. James Mark Adame, OSST


Advisory Board


Fr. Victor F. Gonzaga, OSA

Augustinian Missionary in West Kalimantan, Indonesia


Fr. Roderick Salazar, SVD

Divine Word Missionary

Fr. Antonio Francisco Lucas

President, Catholic Media Network


Fr. Bernard Holzer, AA

Superior of the Philippine Delegation, Augustinian of the Assumption

Fr. Emmanuel Bolilia, OAR


Sr. Margaret Mirate, OSB

Order of St. Benedict

Sr. Niceta M. Vargas, OSA

Superior General, Augustinian Sisters of Our Lady of Consolation

Fr. Alberto S. Poblete, OFMCap.



Sr. Bienvenida Viovicente


Sr. Marianne Felisilda, SDS

Economer, Sisters of the Divine


PDO Ecosystem Officers

Fr. Orven Gonzaga, CP

Director, Passionist PDO


Fr. Alwen Jimenez

Vice President
Deputy Director, Diocese of San Carlos SPDO


Sr. Christine Espina, CM

Director, Carmelite Missionary PDO


Ms. Vivian Borromeo

Assistant Secretary
Director, Cebu Pink Paddlers PDO

Ms. Leah Lanzuela

Director, Pangarap Foundation PDO

Fr. Mateo Suarez, FdCC

Assistant Treasurer
Bakhita Canossa Foundation PDO


Fr. Tito Bonoan

Director, Diocese of Laoag Catholic Educational System (DLCES) PDO


Sr. Bienvenida Viovicente

Press Relations Officer
Director, Marian Missionaries of the Philippines Inc.  PDO


Fr. Rey Daguiterra,FdCC

Donor Advocacy Ambassador
Director, Bakhita Canossa Foundation PDO


Fr. Mario Castillo, CM

Program Ambassador
Director, Vincentian Foundation (VMSDFI) PDO

Ms. Emma Ramas

Ecosystem Ambassador
Director, Bionutrient PDO


Fr. Rico Ponce, O.Carm.

Ecosystem Ambassador
Director,  Order of Carmelite PDO


Sr. Flor Duran, Carm.O.L.

Spiritual Director
Director, Carmel Development Center (CDC) PDO