FAQ's - Spring Rain Global


1. Who is Spring Rain Global?

We are a consulting firm who specialises in providing Financial Planning and Philanthropic Planning. We are a value oriented team, comprising of professionals of different expertise, Registered Financial Consultants (RFCs), Registered Estate Planners (REPs), Certified Fund Raising Managers (CFRMs), Marketing and Business Consultants infused together in one consulting firm. We are a fusion of individual uniqueness, union of varied expertise. Though diverse in experiences, we are devoted to one call.

2. What are its services?

  • Financial Consultancy Services
  • Philanthropic Consultancy Services

3. What is a Philanthropic Development Office?

The Philanthropic Development Office is the basic unit of the sustainable ecosystem we aim to create to professionalise the donor-donee relations.The Philanthropic Development Office is the basic unit of the sustainable ecosystem we aim to create to professionalise the donor-donee relations.

The PDO aims to:

  • To establish a continuing, systematic and long-term program for generating funds that will be used solely for the development of the institution.
  • To organise and establish a community-based fund raising program to tap sources of funds from individuals, corporations, foundations and other sources in the institution’s area of influence.
  • To develop strong voluntary support program to support the institution financially and to make it more part of its community.
  • To provide opportunities for people, foundations and organizations to participate in the joy of giving and sharing.
  • To consolidate all funding efforts in order to ensure a professional relationship with donors thus, preventing donor fatigue.
  • To institutionalise the brand of philanthropic donor-donee relations.
  • To build an ecosystem of good to better collaborate collectively and globally.

4. Why is there a need to set up a Philanthropic Development Office (PDO)?

Long term sustainability is one pressing problem that institutions are facing these days. The PDO and the system, provides for development and will bring a strong foundation of institutionalizing donor – done relations by being prepared on program development and philanthropy. This will have to involve setting up the phases for funder readiness and be connected to a sustainable ecosystem of good. It takes a process so the direction will lead to aligning short term and long term goals to be able to attain sustainability.

5. How long have you been in the industry of philanthropy and its implementation of the PDO system to your clients?

Spring Rain Global has been in the field of Philanthropy and Financial Planning for more than a decade with an international background on academic studies with a vast experience of a global coaching in varied congregations, foundations and corporations both on donors and donees. The implementation of the PDO system is very much affected by the leadership in philanthropy management, stewardship and accountability of recording and reporting, financial management, human resource management with having a team to run the entire system and database management, both in acquisition and retention processes.

The result of the system is driven by the step by step process as well as the matrix that will align activity targets to reach the goals desired. The system also becomes very efficient when the organization has developed its strong base of constituents and the relationship among each other through the years especially among existing donors.

6. How many clients do you have to date?

We have a growing number of more than 100 Philanthropic Development Offices (PDOs) in the Philippines, Singapore, US, UK and India. Each PDO runs in its own progress of pacing depending on varied situations each PDO is called for. SRG aims to implement the compliance department to ensure the accreditation of the PDO as they follow the phases of the development process. It is highly encouraged that PDOs should have a strong support from its own organization especially on the first year of setting up the system and ensure level of understanding on deliverables and realistic expectations.

7. What are some of the category of your clients?

Our clients include Dioceses and its Parishes, Religious Congregations, Schools, Foundations, Non-Profit Organizations, Corporations, Private Foundations and Individual Donors from High Net Worth Individuals.

8. Are you registered/operating in other countries?

SRG is registered and operating in the Philippines, United States and Singapore.

9. Are you affiliated with international organizations/entities?

SRG is affiliated with the Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN), a leading ecosystem builder that is increasing the flow of capital into the social sector and ensuring that resources are most effectively deployed. It also collaborates with Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy (IUPUI) to set the standards on the knowledge of philanthropy development.

SRG supports the work of Financial Planning and is affiliated with the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants (IARFC) across the globe specializing in Risk Management and Investment Planning.

SRG is also into the work of the Rotary as the President and CEO is a Rotarian from the Rotary Club of Metro Cebu (RCMC).

10. Are you a funding agency?

NO. Spring Rain Global is not a funding agency but a consultancy firm whose services is designed to provide consultancy services in financial planning and philanthropy, facilitate the direct linkage between donors and donees and coaches the PDOs to ensure the PDO system is followed.

11. Do you have a percentage of the funds you helped to raise?

NO. Spring Rain Global as a consulting firm earns by retainership, facilitation fee, training fees and consultancy on varied needs of the PDO such as marketing, social enterprise, financial planning, event management, database management and all essentials needed for the entire service leading to sustainability.