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4-Day Permaculture Design Online Course

Date:September 18 @ 9:00 am - October 9 @ 4:00 pm

Location:via Zoom

4-Day permaculture design online course

General Objective

Empowering PDOs, church groups and charity organizations to deal best with the available resources (land and finances) in order to improve the impact of their work.

Specific objectives of the course

  1. Increase capacity and impact of the human resources in order to create best solutions;
  2. Learn to maximize assets and opportunities
  3. Create sustainable solutions that will last and improve the operations of the PDO

Course description

The Basic Permaculture Design Certificate Course is purposely designed to unleash in participants their innate capacity to impact and ultimately design the systems governing their life. It is a week-long journey. It starts with discovering the language of nature and how it expresses the design of natural systems. From that, the participants are to utilize those discoveries in crafting designs for landscape, management plans, modules or even lifestyle that are in harmony with nature, resulting to beautiful and resilient projects.

Course objectives

  • To provide you with an in-depth introduction to systems thinking and the Permaculture design framework
  • To improve and enrich your relationship with nature
  • To enable you to craft meaningful and ecologically-sound designs that are; and beautiful; and resilient
  • To improve your capability to contextualize and apply Permaculture in specific local situations
  • To link the content with the general objective of the course (Mindoro project)

Course dynamics

(ONLINE) ACTIVITIES to sharpen understanding and getting participants familiar with natural systems

DISCUSSIONS to challenge your perceptions and broaden the horizon of knowledge

INPUTS directed to anchor learnings on a scientific basis

DEEPENING insights through videos, home-work and presentation of plans as the course progresses

to improve the individual capacity of applying systems thinking

The course will be held online and runs over 4 weeks (1day/week). It comes with a consultation/coaching session (1hour) after the course ended and in relation to the plans that each PDO may have developed within the context of this course.  The training will be focused on the needs of SRG partners.

DAY 1 History of permaculture,  permaculture ethics, attitudes and principles of place – link to SRG

  • Refer to the SRG language of ecosystem of good in connections with ethics and attitudes
  • Ensure enlightened feelings for SRG-PDOs and implementers in order to engage differently with the surrounding ecosystem and available assets.
  • Become a bit more familiar with systems thinking

DAY 2: Principles of energy and relationship, what to find in a “permacultured” design system and basic components – link to SRG

  • Get tools and context analysis. Get more familiar with systems analysis
  • Give examples of church groups and activities where permaculture could leave a positive mark
  • Build confidence through knowledge

DAY 3: Patterns in nature, design actions and interactions in the natural world – Link to SRG

  • Gain skills in preparation of creating their own projects or building upon what they already have
  • Equip participants with a feeling of empowerment in engaging with nature

DAY 4: Grounding permaculture projects in the current context and related to SRG

  • Better grounding on why things happen the way they should
  • Aspects of social and financial permaculture