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500 Gifts for 500 Years

Date:September 11 @ 8:00 pm - December 18 @ 10:00 pm

Location:via Zoom


Non-profit organizations are in danger of closing due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, putting them at risk of shutting down the critical services they provide for the most vulnerable. At the recent 5th Asian Philanthropic Development Conference, representatives from NGOs and philanthropic development offices (PDOs) called for government support, funding, sponsorship, and investments, and stronger cooperation from philanthropists, the private sector, and civil society to help build their resilience and the sustainability of their advocacies and services to those most affected by the pandemic.

Meanwhile, the Philippines is celebrating the quincentenary of the Roman Catholic Church in the country. In his message to the Filipinos for the Jubilee celebration of the 500 Years of
Christianity in the Philippines, Pope Francis emphasized the importance of giving as a way to mark this unique milestone. “Renew your enthusiasm for evangelization. Reach out to others and bring them the hope and joy of the Gospel,” he said.

Social enterprise Spring Rain Global (SRG) is responding to the Church’s call to give and the urgent need in the Philippines in light of the pandemic with the “500 Gifts for 500 Years” campaign.

About the Event

The “500 Gifts for 500 Years” campaign is a platform organized by social enterprise Spring Rain Global (SRG) to help 14 Philippine-based philanthropic development offices (PDOs) raise funds to empower their workers who serve the most vulnerable. Leveraging the quincentenary of the Roman Catholic Church in the country, each participating PDO will receive mentorship and hands-on training on its 6-pillar capacitation model to attract 500 donations or pledges from September to December 2021. Proceeds from this multi-month campaign will support religious and lay missionaries who implement and sustain the PDOs’ life-giving advocacies, mission, and charisms. 

Campaign Objective

  • Celebrate 500 Years of Catholicism in the Philippines by supporting the development of 500 religious and lay people;
  • Introduce and raise awareness about the vocation and charism of the PDOs in its ecosystem of good; and
  • Minimum of 500 GIFTS to support the PDOs’ human capital to implement service projects and support lays and missions, which will be distributed to participating PDOs.

How Can I Help?

We hope that you can also support this campaign by being one of the 500 gift-giverswho will support the PDOs as they bring in, train, and form more priests, nuns, and lay collaborators to implement and sustain their life-giving missions, charisms, and advocacies.

We welcome gifts in kind or financial pledges or donations.

For more options, visit our SRG Gift Exchange FB Page


October is the Rosary month. Our prayers are our letters to the Lord; praying the rosary is one of the most powerful ways of lifting our hopes and dreams to God. In celebration of Rosary month, SRG and its PDOs will hold the praying of the rosary on October 30, at 5:00pm. A part of our “500 Gifts for 500 Years” campaign, this is a chance for us to come together and collectively raise our communities’ concerns to God. Join this prayer event in our Facebook page. For your prayer petitions, please fill out this form

For more information, contact
Ms. Cheryl Tradio at 0923 328 3318
for more details.