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Christmas Giving Tree Campaign

Date:October 1, 2022 - December 3, 2022

Location:via Zoom

We Need to Make this Christmas Bright

As we slowly emerge from the shadows of the Covid 19 pandemic, we feel the devastating effects it had and continues to have – on economy and livelihood causing more people to lose jobs, grow poorer, hungrier;  on access to basic services in  health and education;  on exposing the great divide with those who have, and those who have not; on setting back previous progress made on achieving the sustainable development goals; and many others.  For us to truly recover and put the pandemic behind us, it is crucial that we make this Christmas brighter and more meaningful by reaching out to help the many communities and people in need.

Spring Rain Global invites you to the launch of our last quarter advocacy, fundraising, and solidarity campaign on October 1, 8PM, at the Spring Rain Global facebook page or via zoom.

This campaign will serve as a platform for PDOs and other participating institutions to showcase their advocacies and social impact.  Every Saturday we will highlight a particular advocacy and the efforts the participating PDOs and institutions are doing and the communities they have benefited and will continue to help because of their work.

Join us on Saturday, Oct 1, 8pm (via zoom)  as we launch this campaign and put up our Christmas Giving Tree wherein every decor will symbolize a life-giving gift to those who need to experience the miracle this season brings.

We welcome more PDOs and other development oriented, social purpose organizations to join us in this campaign! If you wish to participate in this campaign as a fundraising organization/PDO and highlight your work in any of the advocacies mentioned, please click the button below to register.


To those who are interested in supporting their cause, you may send your donations by purchasing virtual Christmas decors available in the SRG Lazada Store.

For inquiries, please contact our event manager Ms. Cheryl Tradio at

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