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Congratulations to the SRG Voice Winners!

Date:May 1, 2022 - December 31, 2022

Location:via Zoom


SRG Voice – Redefining Philanthropy in Music

The search for Spring Rain Global Voice, Singing for the Mission is designed to create an environment where music will become an avenue to promote awareness to the community about your cause and support its funding goals. Each PDO talent will sing for their chosen advocacy.

In line with the lifelong mission of Spring Rain Global which is stewardship through philanthropy in music, it has brought forth this singing festival where the singing ambassadors will go home with funding to support their advocacy be it Education, Care for Homeless and Vulnerable, Environment, Formation and Vocation, Music, Culture and the Arts, Capacity Building, Indigenous People and Youth Ministry, etc.

We invite you to choose and support an advocacy.

Watch SRG Voice: Singing for the Mission Finals

SRG Voice: Singing for the Mission Winners

Special Awards

Watch SRG Voice: Singing for the Mission Finals

SRG Voice Participants

Christopher O. Naraga

From Vincentian Foundation PDO singing for the Homeless Advocacy

The Vincentian Foundation PDO aims to establish a Trust Fund dedicated as a restricted donation to kick-off the construction of houses in the different project areas in the country; to generate support from potential donors to start donating to the Care for the Homeless Trust Fund; and to start the construction of houses in identified areas using the funds generated.

I am singing for the Advocacy in care for the homeless. I have been connected to the Vincentian family since I was a seminarian. I have been taught during my formation years in the Seminary about caring for homeless and the marginalized who are our masters“.

“I want this community to be more productive and be promoted in some other areas in the Philippines even in the other countries so that homeless, the poor and the marginalized people will be served through this community in any areas of the world”.


From Passionist PDO singing for CMIP (Catholic Mission to the Indigenous People) Advocacy

The Passionist PDO aims to help and support the education of our young IP’s. It helps them gain a better place in society and increases the chance of becoming empowered as a minority group in the nation. It gives the students/ pupils a chance to live a healthy and successful life.

“My personal connection to this advocacy is that we all know that we have our brothers and sisters living a very hard life that they could only eat once a day. I want to help them by having this advocacy be known by other people, to awaken then to help our fellow indigenous people”.

“My dream community is very productive and helpful, a kind of community that should be lifting each other down instead of dragging each other down. I also want to have a community that is free of any toxic traits and attributes”.


From St. Lawrence Deacon and Martyr Parish Stewardship and Philanthropic Development Office singing for the Home for the Homeless and Vulnerable Advocacy

To accompany gender-based violence survivors (GBVS) and their families in their journey towards a more meaningful family life with a typhoon resilient home and an income generating project.

My dream is that the vulnerable among women and children after having secured their shelter are also able to provide for themselves“.


From Diocese of Virac Stewardship Philanthropic and Development Office singing for Human Capital Development Advocacy

We aim to recruit, train, capacitate, develop and manage staff for the Diocese of Virac Stewardship  Philanthropic and Development Office; Train, capacitate, develop and manage ambassadors for the advocacies; Enhance and equip the office for a change and development leading to DVSPDO.

“Human capital, I am fond of helping people in terms of management and organization. Especially when the projects of the organization were to reach more people”.

To have a culture and arts center that gives free education to students that is inclined in specific skills. I want to be an instrument for change with the use of my talent”.


From Paglaum PDO singing for the IP Education and Scholarship Advocacy

The project aims to raise funds to support the ACD Grade School Extension for IP Children in providing education to children belonging to the Ata indigenous cultural community in Kibalatong, Paquibato District, Davao City. This includes education subsidy for the learners, living allowance for volunteer teachers and staff, supplies procurement, and infrastructure development for the improvement of the school facilities.

I am singing for our IP Advocacy, specifically our Education and Scholarship program for Indigenous children. As a working student and as a scholar myself, I see the importance of education and I am aware that it is a basic right of every child. Access to this universal right remains a big challenge to many Indigenous children. Amidst the erosion of their indigenous cultures and traditions, it is important to sustain the community school for Indigenous children not only for them to get a formal education, but more importantly so they can stand up for their rights and be proud of their cultural heritage and ancestry”.

“My dream is to see this community school for indigenous children in Kibalatong thrive further and that more of them will one day come back to their own communities to serve their people and work towards the betterment of their community“.


From Claretian Missionary Sisters PDO singing for PDO Capacity Building Advocacy

The Claretian Missionary Sisters PDO aims to come up with a fully operational PDO with the following results: hired & trained personnel are in place; purchased Office equipment/ Furniture & Fixtures; purchased Motor vehicle; enhanced fund-raising campaign; enhanced Financial Accounting System; engaged partnerships; Manual of Operation of PDO in place; and implemented Monitoring and Evaluation measures.

“A community that responds to the needs of humanity with kindness and compassion, showing concern and attends to the welfare of the people and environment”.


From O’Carm. PDO singing for the Seminary Formation and Study Program Advocacy

The Carmelite Formation program is intended to guide candidates in clarifying their vocation to support them as they seek to become closer to Christ and to his Gospel according to the Carmelite charism. In this way, the candidate is helped in discerning his vocation and in coming to a commitment to the Order that is rooted in a personal conviction and a balanced and appropriate way of living.

“I sing in support of Seminary Formation and Study Program advocacy. A process of producing students who would eventually give their entire lives without reservation will be extremely beneficial not just to the welfare of our society, but also to the growth of our connection with God“.

My dream for the community is that one day, when all members are already equipped to face the challenges of our modern times, all of them, will become the beacon of hope and defender of the poor, the downtrodden and the marginalized“.


From Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary PDO – Chicago singing for Children Education Advocacy


From Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary PDO – Birmingham singing for Care of the Vulnerable Advocacy


From Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary PDO – Nigeria singing for Children Education Advocacy

In recent years, the numbers of the vulnerable people are ever on daily increase in all the countries of Africa. In response to their needs,  and  living  true to our Charism of Compassion in the Spirit of humility in the service of all God’s people especially  for the poor and the  less privileged we  are always compelled to render whatever services we can to these our needy brothers and sisters.

“I am singing for the advocacy on education of the children who are not able to attend school due to hardship, war, etc. My dream is that children in the community will be given opportunity for education to give them future life and community development” – Sr. Consolata Marie Ikeh

“I am singing for is Care of the Vulnerable! It is dearer to my heart because of the role they played in helping me at the toughest days of my life!” The Dream the Immaculate Heart Sisters have for their community and their advocacy automatically became my own dream the moment I accepted to join the SRG VOICE Singing for the Mission”. – Chioma Nwachukwu

“I am singing for the advocacy of Education for poor families. My dream is that children in the community will be given opportunity for education to give them future life and community development”. – Sr. Maria Clarissa Nwadigbo


From Carmelite Development Center PDO singing for Education for the Carm. O.L. Sisters Advocacy

Since education is one apostolate which the Sisters have to go through as part of their service and offering to all kinds of people at different levels. The support of the Sisters’ scholarship program receives from their own community’s effort to find a scholarship instills a greater sense of belonging and motivation with integrity and success. The scholarship creates the Sisters’ love of learning, enjoyment in the congregation’s mission which is incarnated in their life-long dream.

“I am singing for the Carm. O. L. Sisters for their Advocacy in education because I am one of the sisters who will be benefited from the said program”.

“My dream for my community as a sister is that we could leave our life as a Carm. O. L., by our willingness to become faithful educators to all kinds of students, especially the poor ones”.


From Daughters of Divine Love (DDL) PDO – Italy singing for Education and Scholarship Advocacy

The Daughters of Divine Love (DDL) PDO – Italy envisions people and organizations called to show Divine Love in action through acts of generosity and compassion  to the whole world in order to improve the life of the less previleged in the society.

“I chose to sing for the education advocacy. This is because I have the  desire for young people to be exposed through education so that the  society will be better”.

It is my dream to assist as  many as possible that are in our reach to help. Educating a child is the greatest human investment so far that can give rise to societal  development and change of mind set.”


From SouthBrook PDO singing for Education & Scholarship Advocacy

The principal advocacy is ‘Education & Scholarships’ with primary investment required to support ‘collectables’ (tuition fees) usually paid by parents, who however are currently experiencing extreme financial constraints brought about by economic downturn due to COVID 19 & Hurricane Odette. Parents require financial assistance during this time to support their child’s education and to facilitate consistency and progression of study until their personal position of employment and resulting income stabilizes

My dream is to see street kids going back to school and having a better life“.


From Diocese of Laoag Catholic Educational System (DLCES) PDO singing for DCLES Environmental Stewardship Advocacy

The DLCES IAC (PDO) envisions the attainment of productive collaboration among people and institutions with the collective mission of discipleship, and stewardship for our common home.  In line with this, our Environmental Stewardship Advocacy aims to promote a Healthy Ecological Footprint, reduce carbon footprint and to reconnect our stakeholders to the web of creation. This program is also an answer to the call of Pope Francis to Embark on a 7-Year Journey Towards Integral Ecology.

My dream is for our community to become more sustainable and to be more caring of our common home “.


From Leyte Kalipayan Dance Troupe PDO singing for the Music, Culture, and the Arts Advocacy

The Leyte Kalipayan Philanthropic Development Office aims to provide high standard trainings to young talents in our locality. Enhancing hidden talents, bringing out the best of every student, to exude the best version of themselves to help them succeed in life. To develop them not only to be exemplary in the field of arts, but to be good individual and citizen of our society.

“It is where my talents was unleashed.. The Leyte Kalipayan is an avenue that brings out the best in you, not only to be exemplary in the field of arts, but you’re molded to the best version of yourself, that every member who has been a part of this institution will truly value“.

“Greater exposure of our roots that is awareness to the rich cultural heritage and tradition of our country, especially for the younger generation and the preservation of it. Because we have a vanishing culture due to the western influences, with less opportunity of exposure”.


From San Pablo Apostol SPDO – Tondo singing for Vocation Advocacy


From Carmelite Missionaries PDO singing for Youth Ministry Advocacy


From Diocese of San Carlos Stewardship and Philanthropic Development Office singing for Youth Advocacy


Watch SRG Voice: Singing for the Mission Finals

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