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SRG’s PDO Bootcamp

Date:October 14 @ 9:00 am - November 18 @ 5:00 pm

Location:via Zoom

SRG's PDO Bootcamp

Spring Rain Global is a social enterprise that envisions to be the leading global partner towards a sustainable ecosystem among donors and donees supporting Missions through financial planning and philanthropy. Through an international team of highly-experienced professionals in the development, philanthropic, and financial planning sectors, SRG helps its clients network and raise funds, supporters, and other resources necessary to continue serving communities in need through the Spring Rain Global 6-Pillar Capacitation Model©.

We are devoted to break cycles of poverty in all its forms. For the past thirteen years, we have worked to help create a greater good in every community our client organizations serve. We believe that systemic change can only occur if the smallest development player who works at the very grassroots of society is empowered.  In today’s philanthropic landscape, these organizations are typically ignored and their potential to contribute to human development overshadowed.

We work with religious congregations, schools, corporations, non-government, civic/volunteer associations, and other organizations pursuing varied and valid development advocacies and programs, but are perpetually at risk of having their programs discontinued whenever there is a crisis or a change of leadership. Innovative in our approach, we provide these organizations the tools and create systems to help them become more sustainable.

We kicked off October with another exciting edition of Spring Rain Global’s PDO Accelerator Bootcamp

The bootcamp is a six-day intensive training program held virtually via Zoom meetings, every Thursdays from October 14 to November 18. Open to Philanthropic Development Offices, it is a crash course delivered by experts aimed at accelerating the PDOs’ development and setting up their systems. 

Why should you join?

    • Through the patented SRG 6-Pillar Capacitation Model©, learn about key elements for a successful, sustainable PDO operation: leadership and governance, program development and management, philanthropy, financial planning, database management, and ecosystem building.
    • Ask your burning questions and get answers on the spot from our roster of speakers and seasoned development professionals.

The Bootcamp is perfect for PDOs who are ready to take the next step in developing themselves with more focus, confidence, and who are looking to be connected to and maintain relationships with donors. Register now for the Bootcamp. The fee per PDO is at Php 45,000.00 or Php 7,500 per week. For non PDO’s it is at Php 60,000.00 or Php 10,000.00 per pillar. The registration fee covers all PDO staff.

In our experience, after establishing these pillars, the organizations become more focused, confident and better equipped to connect and maintain relationships with donors, thereby enabling them to stay true to their visions, scale up in their missions, and impact more beneficiaries. Unlike with other trainings that are just done one-time and participants are left to work on the outputs on their own, the SRG PDO Bootcamp kicks off a coaching journey customized to the particular needs and context of each participant organization to help them set-up each pillar for achievement of funding goals and sustainability.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to email our Chief Executive Consultant, Ms. Kiel S Fernandez, at, or call 09171369399

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