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AMCA Learning Hub PDO

Anna Marie Cos Alcantara (AMCA) Learning Hub
Unit 3E Tower II, Cityland Vito Cruz Towers, P. Ocampo St., Malate, Manila City
Dr. Marissa Cos Alcantara, Ph.D.
+63 917 808 2677
AMCA Learning Hub is a duly-registered institution that will serve as a conduit for nation-building, primarily catering to marginalized individuals by equipping them with relevant training and skills development, in partnership with professionals from different backgrounds and institutions with varying specializations, that also seek to uplift lives of under-served Filipinos.

As a Learning Hub, it is not confined to one discipline – rather, it seeks to be an incubator for intellectual discussion and transfer. The institution welcomes partnerships with all organizations that also seek to bridge the intellectual gap for well-deserving Filipinos.


An institution that will be a champion for the marginalized, underserved, and opressed, by prioritizing them to receive world-class training and knowledge transfer, in conjunction with professionals and other institutions, to equip them with skills that will uplift their lives and be beacons of hope, sources of inspiration, and stories of successes.


Uplift marginalized and underserved Filipinos by equipping them with skills relevant to 21st century industries; in partnership with experts, professionals, and institutions in various fields sharing the genuine desire to help people rise up from poverty and overcome discrimination in various forms.
As a Learning Hub, we are not confined to a single discipline; rather, we take it upon ourselves to serve as a conduit for knowledge transfer, primarily focusing on those who are restricted access due to poverty and/or disability.

In addition to skills honing and knowledge transfer, our role as conduits will also extend to assisting individuals we help to secure jobs that will compensate them fairly according to their skill, and with a respectful environment that celebrates their capabilities.


“Be a conduit of Love by empowering people in the peripheries”


  1. Skills Building Program
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Community Development
    • Eco-Tourism
  2. Public School Teachers Advancement
  3. Overseas Filipino Workers