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Augustinian Missionaries of the Philippines PDO

Augustinian Missionaries of the Philippines

1029 P. Noval Street, Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines 1006

Sr. Cecilia Bayona, AMP

+63 2 736 0821

Mother Rita Barcelo, a contemplative nun from Barcelona, Spain founded the Augustinian Sisters of Our Lady of Consolacion (ASOLC) in 1882 to help Filipinos during a cholera epidemic. But in July 1989, 36 professed ASOLC sisters and 3 novices broke away from their mother congregation because they felt that their charism of “compassion with the poor people” had been replaced with the creation of schools serving the middle and upper middle class. Then the establishment of the AMP as a diocesan missionary congregation in April 1999.

Deeply inspired by Saint Augustine and Mother Rita, The Augustinian Missionaries of the Philippines are called to a life of prophetic witness to Jesus Christ in unity of heart, mind and in compassionate service to the people especially the poor, towards the reign of God’s kingdom. Its goal is to become and up- build the church of the poor as part of their total concern for the social transformation and restoration of the integrity of creation.

They run 11 mission houses for pastoral ministry whose apostolates include organizing Basic Christian Communities among peasants, fisherfolks, indigenous people, women and youth. The new congregation’s Health integrated response promotes a holistic approach to healing the stresses both Western and Oriental approaches, including acupuncture and herbal medicine. The nuns also offer spiritual guidance and counselling because they believe that sickness is not only physical but also arises from psychological and emotional factors and lack of spiritual values due to social problems.


Joyful and generous channels of GOD’S COMPASSION for the poor humanity, society and creation.


Together we journey towards a fully healed and transformed Humanity, Society and Creation thru our advocacies.


One in the service of GOD and People and Creation….


  1. Education and Formation
  2. Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation
  3. Community Development
  4. IP Ministry
  5. Pastoral Care
  6. Healing Ministry
  7. Music and Arts
  8. Dormitory
  9. Infrastructures
  10. Spirituality Centers Human Resource Development
  11. Vocation and Formation