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Carmel Development Center (CDC) – PDO

Carmelite Sisters of Our Lady
45 Rosario Drive, New Manila, Quezon City 1109 Philippines
Sr. Flor Pauline Duran, Carm.O.L
0918 636 2615
CDC-PDO was launched last September 4, 2019 at Carmel Porta Coeli Convent, 45 Rosario Drive, New Manila, and Quezon City, Philippines. It was celebrated in the presence of mission-oriented educators, religious and priests, lay leaders, the youth and beneficiaries. A simple snacks were shared by the would-be donors as well.

As to organizational structure to start with, the office is composed of the Executive Director, a deputy director, finance coordinator, data base coordinator, advocacy ambassador and a staff. A regular meeting will be done and consultations with Spring Rain Global administration will take place so that CDC-PDO will be guided in its operation and direction with the different advocacies.

These are the advocacies which hopefully can be responded with the donors and benefactors as the administration and staff will coordinate, reach out and inform in the journey of giving and receiving, helping and assisting, in praying and thanking them as CDC-PDO will properly do the mission operation from its main office in New Manila, Quezon City and the various areas defined in the in the advocacies located here in Quezon City, Dumaguete City, Bacong (Stella Maris Retreat House) and other parts of Negros Oriental.


The Carmel Development Center PDO is a journey of life-giving, meaning-making, value-oriented people and organizations collaborating to be showers of blessings to the community and society in need.


The Carmel Development Center PDO believes that building the future, starts with formin the young with the family

However, we see problems of poverty, illiteracy, brokenness, conflicts, values degradation and lack of access to opportunities.

Thus, we provide education and scholarship, livelihood programs and pastoral care, values and leadership formation and spiritual accompaniment.

With full trust and dedication, we commit to be instruments to bring wholeness and well-being to the future of the world.


Build with us the future, let’s act now!


  1. Infrastructures/Facilities

  2. Formation of the Sisters
  3. Education of the Sisters
  4. Health Care
  5. Pastoral Ministry