Carmelite Missionaries PDO


Carmelite Missionaries Sister (CM)

19 Sct. Madriñan St., Quezon City, Philippines 1103

Sr. Marigold P. Magbanua, CM

Sr. Victoria Mesina, CM

63 2 8 371 4395

63 999 674 5122


The CM PDO envisions a journey of a prayerful and live giving community that gives witness to communion in the church and society as channel of blessings to the mission.


The CM PDO believes that there is abundance in the providence of God flowing from the generous hearts of the people committed to care for the church and society.

As the world is beset with realities of weakening of faith and spiritual anemia; cultural discrimination ; poverty; illiteracy and violence; moral and environmental degradation, we continue to provide spiritual and human formation; education ; scholarship programs; leadership and skills training; feeding and livelihood programs; environmental stewardship projects and provision of facilities and infrastructure.

We passionately commit to carry out this mission towards spiritual and social transformation.


Be Passionate Lovers of God and Neighbors


  1. Calamity and Disaster Relief
  2. Environmental Care
  3. Health Care for the Sick and Elderly
  4. Infrastructure and Community Development
  5. Indigenous People Ministry
  6. Promotion of Spiritual Life
  7. Scholarship
  8. Vocation Promotion and Formation
  9. Youth Ministry