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Catholic Media Network PDO

Catholic Media Network Corporation

402 Sunrise Condominium, 226 Ortigas Avenue, Greenhills, San Juan City

Fr. Francis Lucas

We, the Catholic Media Network, are a network of Catholic radio and television stations, dedicated to the promotion of the New Evangelization and of total human development, through a unified strategy of community-based broadcasting.

Through the medium of broadcasting, we will strive to make the Church in the Philippines, a community of Christ’s disciples, a church of the poor, truly evangelized and evangelizing.

As a network, we commit ourselves to the promotion of truth and to the attainment of solidarity and brotherhood; of food and freedom; of jobs and justices; of land and equity.

We commit ourselves to broadcasting that is pro-life, pro-people, pro-poor, service and community oriented. We will strive to do this as one network, sharing our talents and resources with each other.