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Daughters of Divine Love (Italy) PDO

Daughters of Divine Love (Italy)
Via Del Poggio Laurentina, 118, 00144 Rome (Italy)
Sr. Dorothy Ezeh
+39 940 880 9800
+39 320 826 0427


We the Daughters of Divine Love-Italy envisions people and Organizations called to show Divine Love in action through acts of generosity and compassion to the whole World in order to improve the life of the less privileged in the society.


The Daughters of Divine Love-Italy believes that each one deserves to be treated with love and care to promote the dignity of human life.

However, the World is faced with poverty and illiteracy, abandoned and displaced communities in the society, lack of access to education, social injustice and moral and spiritual degradation.

With this, we provide education and scholarship, shelter for the homeless, health care and medical mission, feeding program, skills and livelihood training, promotion of social justice, infrastructure and community development and values formation.

We commit with dedication and love to uplift the lives of people in need, thus, making the World a better place.


Putting Divine Love in Action in the World!
Love the World, ACT NOW


1. Health Care Services
2. Care of Elderly and Widows
3. Care of Children
4. Education and Scholarship
5. Pastoral work and Hospitality Care
6. Care of Vulnerable/ Victims of Social injustice/ Single Mothers
7. Skills and Livelihood Training
8. Vocation and Formation
9. Infrastructure and Community Development