Augustinian Sisters of Our Lady of Consolation (ASOLC) PDO

International Social Service Philippines (ISSP) PDO
304-A J.P. Rizal St., Barangay Namayan, Mandaluyong City
(+63) 2 532 7149


A proactive, responsive and sustainable people-oriented, non-government organization wholly committed to work for the welfare of abused OFWs/migrants, children of mixed marriages, woman-victims of human trafficking and other social inequities.


Accordingly, we commit ourselves to pursue our corporate mission as follows:
1. Develop and implement programs and services for the benefit of labor migrants, children-subject of conflicts with the law. Women and children-victims of human trafficking, and expatriates in difficult situations
2. Promote national public awareness on prevailing social issues and concerns that require collective public-private response through sustained advocacy and action-tracking.
3. Initiate enduring partnerships with local and international organizations to collectively address social issues and to evolve programs and services to curtail social injustices.
4. Develop and submit project proposals as may be required by donor agencies and partner organization to provide meaningful solutions to emerging local and global problems that impact on the social fiber of humanity.
5. Initiate study and research on appropriate programs and applicable technologies that optimize social actions and interventions.
6. Conduct training and seminars designed to upgrade the skills and competencies of ISSP staff, volunteers and partners in service.


Be a heart to life for others now…


1. Children Nourishment Program
2. Alternative Elderly Care Program
3. Yout Values Formation
4. Disadvantaged Women and Children
5. Cases of Child Custody
6. Migrants Welfare Assistance
7. Disadvantaged Clients
8. Victimes of Human Trafficking
9. Cases Involving Marriages Between Filipinas and Foreigners
10. Cases of Expatriates in Difficult Situations in the Philippines