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Kariton Empowerment Center (KEC) – PDO

Kariton Empowerment Center (KEC)
136-C N. Domingo St., Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines

9PQ Future Point Plaza II, Mo. Ignacia, South Triangle, Quezon City 1103 Philippines

Cynthia P. Calabaquib
0942 012 1839
0942 012 1839
On November 8, 2019, KEC-PDO was forged to be launched through the help of Sr. Flor Duran, who connected the organizers to Spring Rain Global. The foundress of the KEC shall head the Structure as the Executive Director together with, a finance coordinator, advocacy-promoter and two staff. This structure shall function with the guidance of Spring Rain Global in its aim to generate resources that will continue the mission of rehabilitation and empowerment of the street dwelling families. KEC believes that they have nevertheless accomplished much in a relatively short time and with very little means. It is composed of dedicated personnel who have hearts for the poor, and are one in the belief that ‘helping the poor help themselves’ is the best aid that can be given them and to society.

Through the Kariton Center, the beneficiaries of the project have been helped to see themselves as real people and citizens of the Philippines and have been made aware of their rights as human beings. Through this program, many among them say that they have been truly helped not only financially but also psycho-spiritually. They are on their way to claiming their self- esteem and dignity as persons.


The Kariton Empowerment Center (KEC-PDO) envision a self-help group from the sector of street dwellers, who will have a voice of their own to express their needs and who will collaborate to discover the appropriate ways of empowering them.


KEC-PDO continues to reach out to new faces residing along the streets to dialogue with them and facilitates their connection to proper agencies.

KEC-PDO tries to organize interested street families into livelihood programs as it explores possibilities for them to grow into cooperatives.


Water that streams
Nurtures every little being
Water confined
Extinguishes with abrupt flowing
Meagre though one can give
When many are received
Is a promise of life continuing
To homeless families with “KARITON” journeying

Drops give rise to pools
Inches increase space
Crumbs put together
Makes lives possible to move on

Make life worth living
For those who have nothing.
Even just with the your crumbs,
The lives of “Kariton” families will move on.


1. Organizing Street Dwellers
2. Formation, Education and Skills Training
3. Livelihood Programs
4. Networking
5. Accompaniment
6. Promotion/Advocacy