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Leyte Kalipayan Dance Company PDO

Leyte Kalipayan Dance Company
Ms. Melissa Montilla

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The Leyte Kalipayan Dance Company PDO envisioned advocates of Folkloric Arts and Music, upholding and sustaining cultural heritage through global partnership in cheerful giving and sharing for the love of humanity and one’s country.


The Leyte Kalipayan Dance Company PDO believes that each countryman has a social responsibility to preserve and promote its culture and tradition.

However, with the different cultural influences over the years, tradition may vanish with less opportunities of exposure.

With this, we organized an avenue for talents in dance and music to express themselves as they promote the rich heritage of their nation locally and globally.

With passion and dedication, we commit to uphold this enduring legacy for the love of arts and humanity.


Dance The Culture Today to Withstand Tomorrow! …Proud Filipino!!!!


1. Infrastructure and Community Development
2. Human Resource Development
3. Music & Cultural Performance Development
4. Training and Development
5. Community Outreach Program
6. Scholarship