Manila Ecclesiastical Province School Systems Association (MAPSA) Philanthropic Development Office

Manila Ecclesiastical Province School Systems Association (MAPSA)

6th floor, St. John Bldg., Paco Catholic School, 1521 Paz St., Paco Manila, Philippines

Fr. Elpidio “Boy” Biliran

+63 2 8 564 4084
+63 2 8 564 4008
+63 2 8 564 3712


The MAPSA -PDO envisions a sustained partnerships among people and organizations as channels of blessings to benefit the community and society at large…


MAPSA believes that every person has the right to live a dignified life.

With the challenges faced by the society today in situations like material and spiritual poverty, less access to education and facilities and challenges among families and communities; we adhere to provide access to improve dignity of life thru education, values formation, human and professional development, infrastructure and community development and spiritual formation.

We commit to journey in this mission to strengthen the church and promote social transformation .


Transform Lives, Be the Good News!


  1. Scholarship
  2. Values Formation
  3. Human resource Development
  4. Infrastructure and Community Development
  5. Spiritual Formation