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Passionist PDO

Passionist Fathers

Holy Cross Spiritual Center, Calumpang, General Santos City, 9500 Philippines

Fr. Orven O. Gonzaga, CP
+63 83 8 552 3960


The Passionist Philanthropic Development Office envisions a dedicated journey of people and organizations keeping alive the passion of Christ by being an instrument of God’s blessings to the community.


The Passionist Philanthropic Development Office believes that every person should enliven the passion of Christ. However, there are challenges in society that lead to lack of Catechism, poverty, illiteracy, injustice, spiritual hunger, destruction of the environment and creation. Thus, we provide evangelization, catechism, education and scholarship, livelihood programs, culture and environmental preservation, pastoral care, infrastructure and community development. With strong determination we commit to uphold the passion of Christ in the hearts of the people and the needy.


Be Passionate for Christ. Make blessings alive.


  1. Formation and Vocation
  2. Health and Care
  3. Catholic Mission to the Indigenous People
  4. Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation
  5. Infrastructure and Development
  6. Pastoral and Social Services
  7. Mission Abroad
  8. Education and Scholarship
  9. Human Resource Development