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Pontificio Collegio Filipino PDO

Pontificio Collegio Filipino

Pontificio Collegio Filipino
Via Aurelia 490
00165 Rome, Italy

Fr. Gregory Ramon D. Gaston
+39 06 6604 1602
Inaugurated by Blessed Pope John XXIII in 1961, the Collegio is the “Home in Rome” of Filipino secular diocesan priests, carefully chosen and formally sent by their respective bishops to pursue further studies in the different ecclesiastical centers in Rome. Priests at the Collegio may specialize in Theology, Philosophy, Canon Law, Sacred Scriptures, Liturgy, History, Communications, Patristics, and other fields, taking up either the Licentiate (a degree higher than the Master’s) or Doctoral degrees, for a period of generally two to four years. A Rector, a Vice-Rector / Procurator and a Spiritual Director form the Collegio‘s group of Administrators. As Administrators of a Pontifical institution, they report to the Holy Father, through the Vatican’s Congregation (or office) for the Clergy. They also report directly to the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines, which has an Episcopal Commission on the Collegio. Priests in Rome live sub umbra Petri (literally, “under the shadow of Peter), close to the Holy Father physically, spiritually and doctrinally. They can regularly see the Pope, at least from afar, and have relatively easy access to ceremonies he presides over. Likewise, Collegio priests have direct contact with the memory of early Christians and saints, receive classes at Pontifical institutions from leading professors from different countries, interact with priests from different continents and cultures, and exercise their ministry with the Filipino diaspora and with the local Churches in Italy and nearby countries.