Claretian Missionary Sisters (CMS) PDO - Spring Rain Global

Claretian Missionary Sisters

Religious of Mary Immaculate Claretian Missionary Sisters (RMICM)

Cenacle Drive, Sanville Subdivision, Culiat, Quezon City, Philippines

Sr. Rizalyn Solitario, RMICM

+63 908 715 0153


The Claretian Missionary Sisters PDO envisions a family united with one heart and one soul, sharing the word of God by making easy the path for others as channels of God’s blessings.


The Claretian Missionary Sisters as new apostles called to renew the church believe that there is blessing in hard work and faith in God’s providence.

However we are still confronted with issues and problems on poverty, illiteracy, discrimination, broken families, and spiritual degradation. With this we continue to provide education and scholarship, livelihood programs, venue for spiritual and human formation, pastoral and social ministries addressing the needs of the time.

We commit to serve God and His people with one mind, one heart and one soul for the renewal of the church and the transformation of the community, society and the world.


Spread the Word. Make easy the path for others.


  1. Education and Scholarship
  2. Human Resource and Development
  3. Vocation and Formation
  4. Health Care for the Sisters
  5. Spirituality and Human Development
  6. Catechetical and Youth Ministry
  7. Infrastructure and Community Development
  8. Pastoral and Social Ministries
  9. Networking Program