Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (SIHMMC) PDO – Birmingham

Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Mother of Christ- UK

3rd & 4th Floor, Colemore Gate, 2-6 Colemore Row,
B3 2QD, Birmingham
United Kingdom

Sr. Mary Sebastian Ogwuike, IHM

+44 7456 525 972




To nurture holistic development of human potentials and enhance the quality of life for every human person especially   the poor and the less privileged.


Commitment to motivating people especially the poor   and the less privileged to live venerable and dignified life  through creditably structured programs of evangelization at all levels, education at all levels and every dimension, varied   medical services, humanitarian services, self- realization and self-empowerment opportunities.


Humble service in the Diversity of Human Life


  1. Community Health Development
  2. Education/Scholarship
  3. Environmental Sustainability
  4. Formation
  5. Pastoral Care
  6. Care for Vulnerable Persons
  7. Infrastructure and Equipment