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Stewardship & Philanthropic Development Office (Diocese of San Carlos)

Diocese of San Carlos

Bishop’s Home Compound,
San Julio Subdivision, San Carlos City, Negros Occidental, Philippines

Bishop Gerardo Alminaza, D.D. or

Fr. Alwen Jimenez

+63 34 739 9390

+63 995 639 1812

The Diocese of San Carlos occupies a territory on the Northeastern part of Negros Island comprising 4 municipalities of Negros Oriental, and 7 of Negros Occidental including the City of San Carlos which is the see of the diocese.

Today the Diocese of San Carlos covers a land area of 3,401 square kilometres and a population of 819,000 of which 86 percent are Catholics. It has a total of 5 parishes and 5 chaplaincies, all grouped under 5 vicariates. Out of its 25 parishes, 23 are under the diocesan clergy while 2 are under religious priests.

Diocese of San Carlos is much involved in the delivery of services through its varied apostolates, specially to the poor and the marginalized.


A strong and joyful solidarity among lay, religious and clergy for the service of all, especially the lost, least, last and left out.


Ready and able to go anywhere even to the most difficult to reach, assured of support from everyone, starting from the Bishop and his collaborators.


A caring church in the spirit of “UBUNTU” I am because we are…. As one we can.


  1. Scholarship
  2. Seminary Formation
  3. Vocation and Formation
  4. Mission
  5. Liturgy
  6. Youth
  7. Family and Life
  8. Pastoral Care / Community Development
  9. Human Resource Development
  10. Social Action
  11. Entrepreneural Services
  12. Infrastructure
  13. Sick and Elderly
  14. Communication & Transportation for Evangelization