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Torch Foundation PDO

Torch Foundation
80 Changi Road #02-26 Centropod@Changi Singapore 419715
Imran Khan
+65 8765 4321


Torch Foundation PDO envisions a partnership of passionate role models to support its advocacies to create an impact to benefit the community.


Torch Foundation PDO believes that everyone deserve quality education regardless of their background, race, religion and abilities. However, in the society today, we see problems on illiteracy, lack of access to proper education and lack of awareness to facilities available for children with special needs. With this, we provide funded training programs to partner with the needy, access to scholarship grants, raise capabilities for independence among the disadvantaged and emphasize stronger awareness of special needs education. We commit to be the “TORCH” that empowers one pursuit for education and contribute to make the world a better place.



1. Human Resource Development 2. Special Needs Development Centre / Care Centre / Student Care 3. Scholarship Development 4. Infrastructure and Community Development 5. Research and Development