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1 Dollar per Day Campaign

Date:September 16, 2023 @ 8:00 pm - December 24, 2023 @ 9:00 pm

Location:via Zoom

1 Dollar per Day for 100 Days

Spring Rain Global’s 4th QuarterAdvocacy, Fund Raising, and Solidarity Campaign
September 16 to December 24, 2023


Giving is a fundamental part of human behavior and societal culture. Countless initiatives have been created to serve others in need. Thousands of philanthropic development organizations, religious congregations, non-profits, and other similar institutions have been established for the sole purpose of giving. These givers may have an unwavering sense of purpose to serve, but their ability to give is always challenged, especially by limited fundings and constant supporters. Who will help sustain these giving organizations for them to continue doing their missions consistently?

Spring Rain Global, a social enterprise that envisions to be the leading global partner towards a sustainable ecosystem among donors and donees, will launch its 4th quarter advocacy, fund raising and solidarity campaign called “1 Dollar per Day for 100 Days” which will run from September 16 to December 24, 2023. SRG aims to help organizations to leverage on Christmas season, the best time of the year, to encourage giving among individuals and organizations.


The 1 Dollar per Day campaign aims to: 

1. Raise awareness. The 1 Dollar a Day fund raising campaign will serve as a platform for SRG’s Ecosystem of Good and other participating organizations to showcase the advocacies that they support and the social impact that they create

2. Ignite generosity. Through the campaign, Spring Rain Global aims to help raise funds and resources that are necessary to enable the participating organizations to continue in serving the communities in need. This campaign also aims to help donors realize their personal or organizational calling to advance the good works done by those who serve in the grassroot community.

3. Promote solidarity. SRG aims to be one in the spirit of giving for the global impact. In support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, SRG will help address these goals through the mission and advocacies of the SRG Ecosystem of Good.

Participants must prepare the following

Campaign trailer for September 16.

Each participating organization will create a 15 to 30-second audio-visual presentation that will serve as their campaign trailer. The presentation must summarize the details about their organization, fundraising event or programs, schedule, how to watch and participate, and what the event is trying to achieve.

Campaign video for each advocacy that you will support. Each participating organization is required to create an x-minute campaign video dedicated to the advocacy that they are promoting. This is a longer and more detailed version of your campaign trailer that should include details such as the kind of beneficiaries that you would want to help, donation portals where donors can give, and other ways to support your cause. Each video will be played during our Saturday programs in order to help promote these 

Kindly upload your campaign videos to the dedicated folder (link of the folder will be sent by SRG) before the scheduled date of the advocacy that you would like to participate in. Please see the schedule of the advocacies for your reference.

      Get the community involved. Invite your network, clients, partners, parishes, and communities where you are present. 


      Prepare your invitation materials. 

      1. List down all possible partners or donors who can support the campaign.
      2. Write your solicitation or invitation letters.  Include details on how they can support.
      3. Follow up on your donors’ pledges.
      4. Remember to send a thank you letter to your donors.
      5. Invite them to watch the Zoom and Facebook livestreaming.

      For inquiry or concerns, contact us at springrainglobal@gmail.com or +63 928 455 1866.

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