Events for December 2 – July 31 – Spring Rain Global

What’s in Store for 2023

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Make your organization mission-ready!
Start planning to upgrade your organization and your staff's knowledge and competencies, in service of your advocacy and missions. Pre-register for training opportunities and milestone events for learning and networking that Spring Rain Global will host in 2023.

Lent 2023

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45 Days of Lenten Recollection with the theme "A Lenten Journey of Faith in the Life of the Saints"

5th SRG 6-Pillar Capacitation Model© Bootcamp

This four-day intensive training program aims to accelerate the professionalization of missions through the installation of Philanthropic Development Offices.

Celebrate 15 years of impact with us!

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July 2023 marks Spring Rain Global’s 15 years of serving social-purpose organizations.
Join us for a month-long celebration of philanthropy and sustainability!

Leadership Forum 2023

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A prelude to the 7th Asian Philanthropic Development Conference, the Leadership Forum is an annual event for leaders of philanthropic development offices, development organizations, civic associations, grant-making institutions, and other associated sectors.

1 Dollar per Day Campaign

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Join Spring Rain Global’s Year-End Philanthropy Journey—a transformative fourth-quarter advocacy, fundraising, and solidarity campaign. This initiative spans 100 days, generating crucial resources and support for mission-driven organizations, fostering community transformation, and touching countless lives."

Thursdays with SRG

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Take advantage of our panel experts to answer questions about your operations and challenges you may be facing

Global Sleep Out 2023

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Join us in making a difference in the lives of the homeless and vulnerable by participating in our fundraising event. By choosing to sleep on the floor, away from the comforts of your own bed and home. This act of solidarity will not only raise awareness about their plight but also contribute to the funds needed to support their needs.